Best Digital Camcorders

People always look to buy a digital camcorder that can be used to capture their special moments in life.

Today, you can find a number of high qualities that offer excellent image quality along with the good audio capability. These top rated digital camcorders are easy to handle and maintain and are available in various designs by different manufacturers.

What are you waiting for? Please take a look and choice your own digital camcorders!

Great Digital Camcorders

Veho VCC-003-MUVI-BLK MUVI Micro digital camcorder for Action Sports/Surveillance (Includes 2Gb Memory)

Muvi is an ultra portable camcorder. At 2.17 long the Muvi Micro Digital Camcorder is one of the smallest high resolution DV camcorders in the world.

Expert Advice
  • “Very small and solid, quality of video good to very good!” – J. T. Chavez
  • “This device worked fine at first.” – Bryan Hurd
  • “I only got about 1.5 total hours of use (not standby time, actual recording) before the battery died.” – Craig Hudson

Panasonic HC-V110 Light Weight HD 1080p Digital Camcorder (black)

Panasonic HC-V110 Digital Camcorder – 2.

Buying Guides
  • “It’s very light and small, easy to carry and pack.” – Steve Plaisance
  • “It has good picture quality. it’s a great little video camera!” – susan peterson
  • “This lens eliminates most of that, providing a decent image throughout the optical zoom range.” – Rick Bennette

Samsung HMX-F90 Flash Memory HD Digital Video Camcorder 32gb Deluxe Bundle With 32GB card , full size tripod case and more .

The Samsung F90 will change the way you share and capture your memories. Get unbelievably close to the action from far away with the 52x optical zoom, and perfectly capture lifelike images with HD recording.

Consumer Guide
  • “The camera is small and light weight.” – R.V.
  • “Good for traveling or every day take along so you don’t miss those ‘Wish I had my camera’ moments.” – Bea
  • “The case is generic and doesn’t fit well.” – Jean Green

Vivitar DVR865HD 8.1MP Camcorder with 8x Digital Zoom (Black)

The Vivitar DVR865HD 8.1MP Digital Zoom Camcorder features a 2.4-Inch TFT LCD screen, 8x digital zoom and 16MB internal memory.

Coby CAM3005 Mini Camcorder/Camera with 4x Digital Zoom and 1.8-Inch LCD Screen, Black CAM3005

About the size of a credit card, the CAM3005 SNAPP Mini Camcorder from Coby is a super-small camcorder that you can keep on hand for whatever adventures may come your way.

Sony DCRTRV250 Digital8 Camcorder with 2.5 LCD, USB Streaming and Remote

Get the advantages of digital technology and the affordability of Hi8 filming with this Sony digital camcorder. Its Digital8 recording format delivers 3 times the color bandwidth of VHS with significantly less video noise to record stunning sounds and images on inexpensive Hi8 tapes.

Expert Advice
  • “Before buying this camera do a google search for “Sony black screen failure” and you’ll find hundreds of cases of people experiencing the same problem I did.” – bm
  • “Sony has a 90 day warranty for labor, and a 1 year warranty for parts.” – RAJ
  • “I use the camera mostly indoors and it performs very well under less-than-ideal lighting conditions.” – PETER P. Valdesdapena

Sony DCRTRV350 Digital8 Camcorder with 2.5 LCD, Memory Stick capabilities & Remote

With all the features packed into the DCR-TRV350, you won’t believe how affordable Sony makes it to share your photos and videos with friends and family.

Product Reviews
  • “If you buy one, I hope you enjoy it!” – Kelly A. Brown
  • “I hope that will work as well.” – Charles L Cha
  • “I love this camera, we have had it for years, replacing an older JVC model.” – D. Boike

Sony DCR-HC26 MiniDV Digital Handycam Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom

Box Contents: DCR-HC26 Camcorder, AC-L25 Power Adapter/In-Camera Charger, NP-FP30 InfoLithium(R) Rechargeable Battery, Stereo A/V Cable, Lens Cap, CD-ROM with USB Driver The Sony DCR-HC26 MiniDV HandyCam Camcorder delivers the right mix of versatility and quality.

Digital Camcorders Reviews
  • “It’s small size and low weight make it great for travel.” – Brent Thompson
  • “Some of these tapes include family events and once in a lifetime trips.” – Rachel Terry
  • “One day the door cassette door refused to shut.” – Stewart Edward Kreefer

Sony DCRTRV460 Digital8 Handycam Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom

Digital8 record/play, Hi8/8mm play only * digital photo mode * MPEG Movie EX mode * 460,000-pixel CCD * 2-1/2 color touchpanel *

Buyers Guide
  • “Consumers reports recommends this as one of their "Best Buys" for digital camcorders.” – G. CALICO
  • “Plus, it can play old analog 8MM tapes, like the TRV820, which is an awesome bennifit.” – Brian Dillard
  • “When I was still unable to eject the tape, I was told that I would need to mail it in for repair, since Sony no longer had local service centers.” – KRD

Pure Digital PSV-351 30 Minute  Point-and-Shoot Camcorder
Pure Digital

This revolutionary new video camcorder is the easiest way to capture and share your memories. It’s stunningly simple and the quality is remarkable according to the Wall Street Journal.

Product Reviews
  • “It is so easy to use and small enough to carry around in one’s purse or pocket.” – S. Cardinal
  • “These video quality is surprisingly good.” – Cardinal in Berkeley
  • “Very easy to use, download, edit and share.” – B. Smiles

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