Best 3ccd HD Camcorder

In recent years the 3ccd hd camcorder has hit the market and the number of models out there is growing.

When we decide to buy a 3ccd hd camcorder, we should keep sight of more aspects, for not being inspired with unpleasant surprises.

We tested for you all the 3ccd hd camcorder and in the following, we will make a short presentation of each article to bring you to your level with all you want to know about 3ccd hd camcorder, before you decide to buy one.

Best 3ccd HD Camcorder to buy

JVC Everio GZHD3 3CCD 60GB Hard Disk Drive High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

The art and practicality of the HD video camcorder has reached a convenient size for simple everyday use with the JVC Everio GZ-HD3. With recording capability of up to 1440×1080 resolution, your vids can fill the high performance screen of your new widescreen HDTV for a new era of viewing pleasure.

  • “Quality, even at 10x zoom is great, and there is some noise in low-light conditions, but filming without proper lighting is asking a little much.” – David Luhr
  • “Takes good still pics and video.” – Matthew Johnston
  • “Then it just sort of reverts back to its dismal low-light capability around the edges.” – wildcatgoal

Sony DCR-VX2100 3CCD MiniDV Handycam Camcorder w/12x Optical Zoom

MiniDV RecordingOffers up to 530 lines of horizontal resolution, 3X color bandwidth (vs. VHS) and significantly higher S/N ratio, to provide stunning video performance.

Buying Guides
  • “Well this is simply the best camcorder I’ve ever owned or used.” – G. Martin
  • “Picture quality is great for a standard-def camera.” – S. Keller
  • “The integrated Neutral Density filter is quite useful on those really bright days when glare is overwhelmingly present and distracting.” – Dan Callahan

Sony Professional HVR-Z1U 3CCD High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom

The Sony HVR-Z1U professional camcorder shoots brilliant high definition 1080i pictures with jaw-dropping detail, color and clarity, and comes equipped with a Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar® T 12x zoom lens – the same glass and coatings as in Zeiss prime lenses.

Product Ratings
  • “Great workhorse for any professional videographer.” – Nick
  • “The menu is easy and intuitive.” – S. Matar
  • “I insisted that it was a wrong item advertised.” – Samuel Okwoyo

Panasonic HDC-SD5 AVCHD 3CCD Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Image Stabilization

The HDC-SD5 hi-def camcorder can copy recordings from the SD Memory Card to a DVD disc, maintaining the original full-HD format, or use the included software to burn a full-HD recording from an SD Memory Card to a DVD disc on your PC.

Expert Advice
  • “The camera shoots clear, crisp pictures with good sound quality.” – Okie Gal
  • “Shadows and bright areas are handled as well and manual settings are available to allow you to adapt more precisely to your scene’s lighting.” – S. Jazic
  • “Very small and comfortable to hold.” – Online Shopper

Panasonic Pro AG-HSC1U AVCHD 3CCD Flash Memory Camcorder with 12x Optical Zoom

The new HSC1U records beautiful, detailed high-definition video images and clear, high-quality sound that make for exceptional viewing on today’s most advanced home theater systems.

Consumer Guide
  • “And you can use 32gb SDHC cards as well for even longer shoots.” – BayPharm
  • “The AG-HSC1UP is easy to use, light and compact, and takes great video.” – J. Cline
  • “I would love to demonstrate all of the above, but my final cut studio based edit bay does not support AVCHD.” – M. Cunningham

Panasonic HDC-SX5 AVCHD 3CCD High Definition Flash Memory & DVD Camcorder with 10X Optical Image Stabilized Zoom

Full hi-def 1920 x 1080i resolution3CCD technology offers broadcast like quality while providing vivid color fine detail and rich gradationRecords directly to 8cm DVD or SD /SDHC cardAdvanced Optical

  • “I had this camera with me in a trip to California and it was great.” – Marius Moise
  • “Once I get a Blu-ray player and a better PC to edit the video it will be great.” – Adam B
  • “I use it to shoot music videos and the quality of the sequences shot outdoors is very good and the colours are quite nice.” – Victoria Trestrail

JVC Everio GZMC500 5MP 3CCD 4GB Microdrive Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom

JVC GZ-MC500 creates sharp and vivid images by dedicating a 1.33 (1.23 effective) megapixel CCD to each color – red, green and blue.

Buyers Guide
  • “I have to first open files in cyberlink software, create an AVI file which I then import into another video editing software like movie maker or Sony Vegas.” – RKM
  • “Battery charges in 1 hour (sometimes less than that) and runs for 1 hour recording.” – Luis Arriagada Herrera
  • “The video is very good and the audio is excellent.” – R. Eddings

Panasonic PV-GS150 2.3 MP 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder w/10x Optical Zoom

Panasonic’s PV-GS150 MiniDV Camcorder delivers quality imaging for the novice and expert videographer alike. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it’s big on innovative new features.

  • “GS150 does an amazing job in bright day light.” – Prashanth Krishnappa
  • “Plus this camera had alot of nice professional features that I could not find together on other consumer camcorders.” – Shawn P. Mitchell
  • “Check the online experiences of others and you will find this issue mentioned.” – Patrick Beart

Canon XH A1 1.67MP 3CCD High-Definition Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom

The excellence of the XH A1 begins with its Genuine Canon 20x HD zoom lens with Professional L Series Fluorite. Super-Range Optical Image Stabilization corrects for a wide range of camera movement and vibration, and Instant AF (Auto Focus) ensures ultra-quick, accurate focus.

Consumer Reports
  • “Overall, this camera was probably the best investment for my budget.” – Ryan Matthew Valdez
  • “I looked at this camera the Panasonic hvx200, the sonys, the jvc 200, and even Canon’s bigger brother the X1.” – Surfzup101
  • “Get a good light if shooting indoors.” – J. Bucciferro

Sony DSR-PDX10 Professional 1/4.7 16:9 3CCD DVCAM Compact Camcorder with 3.5 inch LCD Monitor

Newly Developed Mega Pixel 1/4.7-inch Type 3-CCD Camera System.
DSR-PDX10 incorporates 3, 1/4.

Consumer Reports
  • “Well it means that the camera is absolutely terrible in low light shooting conditions.” – Bly Magister
  • “The digital controls are great, but they are nothing like manual shutter speed and fstop.” – Mike
  • “I’m not saying that the Sony is a bad camcorder, though.” – J. H Lee

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